Foundational Insights into Breast Health

  • Personalized One-Hour Consultation
  • Comprehensive health evaluation.
  • Detailed assessment of breast and nipple health.
  • Tailored lifestyle and dietary modifications advice.
  • In-depth analysis of risk factors concerning breast and nipple health.
  • Customized recommendations on massages, exercises, skincare, and natural home remedies.


Delving Deeper into Your Health Metrics

All features of the Essentials package, with additional inclusions:

  • Thorough discussion on available ultrasound, lab reports, mammograms, and MRI findings.
  • Conversations on prescribed therapies or interventions.
  • Addressing any concerns or apprehensions with compassionate expertise.


All-Encompassing Support for Holistic Wellness

  • Extended Three-Hour Personalized Consultation.
  • Monthly one-on-one follow-up meetings spanning three months.
  • Lifetime support through our email newsletter.
  • Priority response and scheduling for any subsequent sessions.
  • Eligibility for promotional offers: Avail expert-led sessions on emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Exclusive invitations to group Zoom sessions, fostering a community of like-minded individuals.


The Ultimate Package for Self-Health Mastery

  • Holistic guidance combining medical knowledge and self-awareness principles for overall and breast health.
  • Monthly one-on-one follow-up meetings spanning five months.
  • Exclusive group sessions led by:
    • A Clinical Psychologist: For emotional health evaluation and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, or other concerns.
    • A Registered Dietician: For assessing nutritional needs, crafting daily diet plans, and recommending necessary supplementation.
  • Your breast health coach as an unwavering accountability partner, guiding and supporting you in achieving your health goals. Together, we’ll work on enhancing your breast health and minimizing risk factors associated with breast cancer.