About Us

About Global Care Consult LLC

Welcome to Global Care Consult LLC, your trusted partner in revolutionizing women’s health through innovative online coaching and consultations. Based in Maryland, USA, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being with accessible, expert-driven services.

Our Mission

At Global Care Consult LLC, our mission is crystal clear: to transform the landscape of women’s health. We believe that every individual deserves proactive, personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Through our comprehensive online platform, we strive to enhance breast health awareness, offer expert ultrasound second opinions, and provide vital emotional support.

Meet Our Team

Holiana Koshkar Barredo

Holiana Koshkar Barredo

Public Relations Executive (USA)

Holiana Koshkar Barredo is a highly motivated and accomplished individual with a strong passion for international relations and diplomacy. Holiana graduated from Far Eastern University Manila with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences, majoring in International Studies/Diplomacy. She has work experience as a Consulate Officer and Arabic Specialist, and is currently working as a public relations executive at Global Care Consult USA. Holiana is a skilled researcher and analyst with a strong work ethic, and is punctual, optimistic, and flexible in time management. She’s a valuable asset to our organization.